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      new type of solid material feeding device

      Product introduction
      New type solid material feeding device
      Recently,in domestic pharmaceutical、chemical、food industry,solid material transport will face the change of material form during solid material preraration production.No matter which step need material reach the device which can send material to the destination,for example,in pharmaceutical industry ,common equipment granulator、grinder、pelletizer、capsule filling machine,various kinds of solid preparation product packaging line,before and after process,all need material transport.
      Material transport process:
      1.before process step (prepare and mix material)
      2.manufacture step (granulate、shatter、powder)
      3.total mix step (mix、dry、prill)
      4.shape step (pelletizer、capsule filling machine、packaging machine)
      5.package step (various kinds of solid preparation product packaging line)
      How to realize advanced solid preparation transport is one criterion to evaluate hardware condition of a solid preparation production enterprise,aand?judge whether the enterprise meet the real effect?in?implementing GMP production process,also reflect the enterprise whether meet the advanced target of modern pharmaceutical、chemicaland food industry.
      New type solid preparation material transport
      the advantage of this process method is transmiting material in closed state,with no material spilling out,saving labour force and moving time,but as different product,?especially in pharmaceutical industry,many kinds,to meet GMP requirement,can't mix-use BIN material barrel,although the barrel haa many kinds,2000L,1200L(for raw material),600L,300L(for end product) ect specifications,but storing these BIN barrel need a lot of space,and the torage room must meet GMP standard,need to reach air clean requirement,wasting much resource.This procedure principle actually is the earlier prototype of current mixing transport barrel,also be the ideal material transport way.?
      Cleaning the BIN material?barrel is also a big problem,must?be special use high pressure washing machine (70bar),recently in domestic ,only few manufacturers can copy 40bar high pressure washing machine,can't reach the GMP standard,with high risk of cross pollution.The imported high pressure washing machine cost much (RMB 2100 thousand),washing need a lot of water or steam,and much time,the produced sewage need into special use sewer,otherwise can't be dealed with.So ,that bring a big problem to environment protection and saving resource.
      The foreign advanced pharmaceutical industry adopt double opening?stainless steel round barrel,use abandon type special plastic?bag replace BIN barrel material transport.?
      Especially in shaping process(pelletizer、capsule filling machine、coating machine)or packaging process(various kinds of solid preparation product packaging line),bring a lot of benefits.
      small size,convenient to use,safe and durable,full sealing,no need cleaning,low price,convenient transportation,little storage room,can up and down multiple stacking,and for many varieties,save man power and?environmental protection,also save a lot of resources.As use abandon type plastic bag ,the tranferred material can't touch the barrel directly,greatly reducing the risk of cross pollution,to meet GMP requirement.

      name ?double open round material barrel ?BIN material barrel system
      GMP compliance 100% ensurance:batch sampling acceptance before enter storeroom need QA check every bulk every Bin to ensure clean requirement batch before and after
      transfer barrel volume 0.31M3 0.66M3
      outline cylindical (0.35M*0.35M*3.142*0.8M) cube 0.9M*0.9M*0.9M
      effective use volum 270L 270L
      seal full seal full seal
      load 300KG 300KG
      weight 20KG? 80KG
      price RMB 5,000 RMB 15,000?
      supporting facilities RMB 20,000 special use hoist equipment RMB 100,000 special use hoist equipment
      special plastic bag about RMB 30 (if one order over 10,000 ,hoist equipment free ) no
      clean use abandon type plastic bag,?little water or 75% alcohol washing the barrel surface special use high pressure washing machine
      energy consumption no steam 10Kg,pure water 250Kg,?hot water 300Kg,electricity 2.35 degree,RMB 50,quality inspection department regular test
      staff no need special personnel to transport and wash,waste half hour
      storage the volume of transfer barrel is little,can stack,no need for storeroom cleanness big volume,can't stack,much space.high requirement for cleanness,controlled by air conditioning ,regularly change filter,need much electric source
      use number various kinds one?single kind
      transport independent drive independent drive