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      Small Bag feeding(vibrated) station

      Product introduction

      Small (vibrated) Feeding Station FL- FD(V)800 Series
      The series apply to small material bags' unpacking,releasing,sieving and unloading?in pharmaceutical,chemical and food industry,especially directed against releasing and sieving material with poor liquidity,can avoid powder material flying everywhere?under?the action of?dust collecting fan when unpacking bags.
      System Structure
      small bag vibrated feeding station:
      the?system consist of manual unloading warehouse、press-proof feeding platform、blanking warehouse、vibrated sieve、filter system、dust collecting system、reverse blow bag and vibrated motor ect components.
      small bag?feeding station:the system consist of manual unloading warehouse、press-proof feeding platform、blanking warehouse、safe sifter、filter system、dust collecting system and reverse blow bag ect components.
      Main Working principle
      When the small bag need unlashing and poured to the next procedure,only need manual directly unpacking bag and put in the system,the material powder when feeding is collected by the dust collecting fan.Material pass through the vibrated sifter(safe sifter),can head off bulk material and foreign body,to guarantee transpire the qualified grain.

      ?model dust collecting fan vibrated motor reverse blow bag fim processing polyester
      ?FDV800 ?1.1KW? ?0.15KW? ?5L? ?0.5 μm
      ?FD800 ?1.1KW ?NO ?5L ?0.5?μm
      1.FL-FDV 800 type vibrated feeding station device?????????????????
      processing power: ~600L/h,according to material and sifter?????????
      for package: <30L/bag???????????????????????????????????????????????????
      vibrated sifter; sifter number~10???????????????????????????????????????
      vibrated motor work rate: 0.15KW????????????????????????????????????????
      fan work rate: 1.1KW?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      voice: 72dB???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      weight: ~135kg?
      2.FL-FD 800?type feeding station device
      processing power: 800~40000L/h
      for package: <100L/bag
      safe sifter: according to requirement
      fan work rate: 1.1KW
      voice: 72dB
      weight: ~110kg