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      Haimen Fenglong S.S Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment,a famous enterprise for GMP production facilities workshop series and enjoys a high reputation in domestic.We have first-class technical talents, and advanced manufacturing and processing equipment.Five major series of products : pharmaceutical machinery; the stainless steel drum; stainless steel clean windows; Non-standard stainless steel products; drug packaging materials.A total of 100 types of products, varieties is complete.

      I produced a series of products won praise users, particularly those who are well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Sino-foreign joint ventures :Sino-U.S. Shanghai Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company Schering-Plow.Suzhou wesenbergii Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. (formerly Suzhou Rieter pharmaceutical companies).GMP transformation and ancillary services conducted by the foreign experts appreciated.I popularity of the company’s products have found favor with the pharmaceutical companies such as : manufacturers, the City of Victoria,100 road between Shanghai Medicines Company, Shanghai scale manufacturers, Hangzhou livelihood Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. and other companies.I was qualified facilities GMP manufacturers.

      I asked the company to establish a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 : 2000 quality management system.implementation of the "customer satisfaction is the starting point and end-result of all the staff of the eternal pursuit of continuous improvement is the" quality guidelines,demonstrate the ability to provide customers with quality management and quality, continuous improvement and constant improvement and the pursuit of excellence.